The team's player Mohamed Muntari assrted that the focus of the players turned to the league after their final loss against Al Hilal .

Muntari said in the press conference about the match : " We resumed our trainings today to prepare for the match against Umm Salal and we always prepare to win , and we have to forget our result against Al Hilal in the AFC Champions league and focus on our matches in the league , and now we are infront of a strong confrontation against a good team and we have to achieve victory against it " .

Muntari said : " The absences in the team does not affect the team and i am with the team to achieve the required from me and defent the team in the matches that i play, and my task is to work with the coaching staff to achieve victory in all the matches we play "

Muntari added : " We closed now the file of the AFC Champions league , and we are focusing on the league and the important confrontation we are facing against Umm Salal in which we wish to achieve victory "