Coach Rui Faria asserted that the confrontation that will gather the team with Umm Salal is very important in the team's journey in the league .

Faria said in the press conference about the match : " We begin today our preparations for this confrontation after we returned yesterday from Saudi , after we played our match against Al Hilal , and the players were subjected to recovery training , and tomorrow we will perform our main training for the match .

Faria added : " The match is important for us , as we are still competing on the title , and we wish to achieve positive result against Umm Salal , and the team has to be ready for this , and we know how the confrontations are after participating in the champions league , and

Faria said : " We are sad from the team's result against Al Hilal and we have to prepare the players mentally and physically , and despite the loss but there are so many positive points that appeared in Al Hilal match , but we know that there is a negative feeling after every loss , but in our Asian confrontation the team was able to make many opportunities that could have changed the result "

The coach continued by : " I said before that the league did end and we have to fight , and our direct competitor may loose points in the upcoming match but we have to face this with good results , and i know Umm Salal and i know that it is an ordinated team and have very special players , which makes us focus on the match and be prepared for this mach in the way that guarantee achieving victory and the complete points "