Al Duhail team succeeded in achieving its second victory in the competition when it won this evening against Al Wakrah team by 4-2 after a strong and exciting match from both teams , and with this result the team reached 8 points in the fourth place .

In the third minute Al Wakrah team succeeded in scoring the first goal by its striker Mohamed Bin Yato , and then in the 23rd minute Al Duhail team was able to score the equalizer goal by the player Al Moez Ali .

In the 35th minute the player Mohamed Muntari was able to score the second goal for the team , and the first half ended with the progress of Al Duhail by 2-1 .

In the second half , the player Isamel Mahmoud was able to score Al Duhail third goal in the 49th minute .

In the 65th minute Al Duhail team was able to progress in result again by its player Mohamed Muntari , after Al Duhail third goal Al Wakrah team tried to return again , and then in the 90th minute Al Duhail team was able to score the fourth goal by the player Al Moez Ali .

Al Wakrah players tried to return and decrease the differnce but Al Duhail defense was stronger and the match ended with the victory of Al Duhail by 4-2 .

Match Report :

Time : Saturday 21st September 2019
Stadium : Jassim Bin Hamad stadium in Al Sadd club
Event : Match in the fourth round of the QNB Satrs League
Teams : Al Duhail - Al Wakrah
First half : 2-1 for Al Duhail
Match Result : 4-2 Al Duhail
Goals : Mohamed Bin Yato (3) , Al Moez Ali ( 23,91) , Mohamed Muntari ( 35,65) , Ismael Mahmoud ( 49 )
Warnings : Bassam Al Rawi
Expulsion :none
Team List : Claude Amine , Ahmed Yasser , Mehdi Benatia , Bassam Al Rawi , Assem Madibo , Louis Martin , Karim Boudiaf , Ali Afif , Ismael Mohamed ( Rabeh Yahia ) , Al Moez Ali , Mohamed Muntari ( Khaled Waled Mansour ) .
Alternatives : Mohamed Al Bakry , Ali Jasmi , Fahd Ahmed , Rabeh Yahia , Khaled Mohamed Saleh , Khaled Waleed Mansour , Fahd Waad .