The team's leader Karim Boudiaf expressed his trust in his teammates abilities to achieve victory against Al Sadd in Qatar Cup final , and the players said in the press conference that was held today at 10 am in Al Sadd club : " This is not the first final match that gather us with Al Sadd club and we are very focused we will achieve victory and keep the championship title "

Boudiaf said : " In football the team that is better in the midfield battle is often the closet to victory , i know Al Sadd players well and i know their abilities and Al Sadd team loves to keep the ball and take it during the match and i advise my teammates to be organized and play in our known manner "

And about the presence of Mandzukic with the team , Karim said : " The presence of a player as Mandzukic in our team is a good and great thing and he has great experiences and experiences at the European level , but in return it is difficult for the player to adapt quickly when he joins a new team and he played now with us two matches and with the time he will present to the team the required addition , and in the final match we need a player as Mario and we look forward to see him present the required addition inside the stadium "