Coach Walid Regragui expressed his dissatisfaction with the result of the team against Umm Salal in the previous match , and Regragui said in the press conference about the team's match against Al Gharafa next Sunday , that was held in the press conference hall in the club : " We are coming from a difficult confrontation against Umm Salal and everyone is not satisfied with the result because we wanted to achieve victory and the three points from this match , but we must acknowledge the positives that occured in the match , where we managed to control the ball in most of the match , and we played in our style , and this matter was important especially in the first match but in return we were infront of an organized and fighting team ."

The coach continued by : " We trust our abilities and we have to think about the upcoming match and we know that Al Gharafa match will be difficult , as Al Gharafa is a good team which is in the 4th place and they returned well ,and as i said last week no one will give us gifts as everyone wants to win against Al Duhail , and to achieve the title we have to provide a better level than the previous round , and the team will regain the efforts of some players like Junior and Muntari and we wish the return of Bassam after the injury of Ahmed Yasser so that the team will be complete and be better this week "

Regragui said : " We are in a good place in the beginning of the arrangement and with the difference of two points , and as i said before it is better to be in the top place and not be in other places and chase the top place and be demanded with more effort to return , and now it is not easy looking at the pressure and we need trust and patience and this is an important thing , and as you see the matches are different , as in Al Sadd and Al Khor match the match could have ended with the draw in the last minute , and also in Al Rayyan match the match was tied until Al Rayyan succeeded in achieving victory in the last 5 minutes of the match with a penalty , and we have to know that all the matches are difficult , and we have to fight , and now we need trust and playing with no pressure and i trust all the players and we will play the upcoming matches with choices that will help us in achieving victory "

Regragui asserted looking to only victory in the upcoming matches , he said : " We have a good example in Spain , and as happened with Real Madrid , now the priority is to win and not to perform and i am happy with what the team presented in the last match , but the most important for me is achieve victory and win the complete points in the upcoming matches "

Regragui concluded by : "It is normal for me when you compete on the title and advance with a goal in the match you have to end the match with a victory , but when you give a second chance to the team to return like what happened in Umm Salal match , this matter is called a gift , now we will benefit from this experience , and we must avoid it in the upcoming matches , especially against Al Gharafa it is a team that has more confidence and plays without pressure , and we have to avoid anxiety because it affect on us in a negative way , and we have players with good levels and i wish Al Moez will be in the top of his physical and technical readiness , and also i wish the return of Madibo which will provide us with alternatives and make us settle the matches in the second half , and these are small details and we do not have time and we have to be vigilant "