The new coach of the team Luis Castro asserted that he will work on appearance the team in the expected and known way , and the coach said in the press conference about the match that was held today at 5:30pm in the press conference hall in the club : “ I am very happy for being in the Qatari league , and specially for being with Al Duhail which won many titles and championships , and as a coaching staff and players we have big responsibility in the first match because it will not be easy , and we worked with the players who are present now , and we did not work with the national teams players , and today is the first day to work with the Qatari national team players and we are waiting Toby and Sassi “

The coach said :” As a coach I seek to championships and with my previous team Shakhtar  I achieved  many championships , so I came to Al Duhail to continue achieve these championships , and we have many tasks like the leagu , and the cups and the AFC Champions league in which we seek to appear in it in a special way , and we will work hard to achieve our goals in every match we play , and we will work very hard mentally and physically beginning from Al Khor match “ .

Coach continued by : “ I am very proud that Al Duhail players are in the Qatari national team and are helping their country , but they have to duplicate their efforts with Al Duhail club , and our players are very professional and they have to be foused to achieve championships with us , and there are players in Al Duhail that are training with the team and are not playing in the national team and these also have big abilities to participate and winning titles with the team “ .

Coach concluded by : “ We have to know that there are number of Al Duhail players with the national team who did not participate with the national team and physically they are ready to participate with us , and we have some players in the olympic national team but this is a positive thing when the national teams depend on the team’s players this mean that their levels are special and we will evaluate the players physically and mentally to put the list that we will put infront of Al Khor and the task is very difficult infront of it because it is a strong ordinated team and our goal is the three points “ .