The team's player Ismail Mohamed who scored the second goal in today's match,  described the victory of the team against Al Khor team with the perfect beginning , and the player said in a statement after the end of the match : " Thank God on this victory , and I think that we deserved it after our performance , and despite the fatigue but we achieved victory and achieved the perfect beginning that we want , despite that Al Khor was able to score early but we were able to score the equalizer goal n the first half , and we achieved victory in the second half ".

Ismail said  : " The last season we suffered a stumble  that made us lose all the championships we participated in , but this season is different as Al Duhail have a special group of players and God willing we will appear with our known level , and with the passage of days and the increase of homogeneity between the players and the change in the climatic atmosphere, the team will be in time ".