Coach Luis Castro returned the team’s victory today against Al Khor team to the abilities of his players and their success in finding spaces , and the coach said in a statement after the end of the match : “ The result came from a match that appeared to be easy but it was not , Al Khor scored first and this made us duplicate effort and work “ 

The coach said : “ Al Khor was ready to play with this way and with this strategy from the beginning , and they were able to score the progress goal in the first four minutes , so we had to work quietly to avoid receiving a nother goal “ .

Coach continued by : “ Al Duhail players had the ability to work patiently and we could have played faster but there were not spaces in Al Khor stadium , we were able to score the equalizer goal in the end of the first half , and we had many opportunities in the first half , I think more than 14 opportunities to score goals in the match , and this show the strength of Al Duhail , and in the second half we played we played in a way that alowed us to find spaces and we deserved victory , and the result may show that the match was easy but the high temperature made things physically difficult “.

Coach concluded by : “ I would like to congratulate the players on their great efforts during the match , we have been training with the complete team for only a few days , and some of the players joined the training two days ago coming from their national teams , our team have abilities more than it presented today , and the coming will be better , the result was fair as we were better on the stadium “ .