Coach Luis Castro confirmed his complete satisfaction with the performance that the players showed in their last match against Al Rayyan , the coach described the team's match against Al Wakrah with the important and he said in  the press conference that was held today at 5pm in the club's press conference hall : “  We know that Al Wakrah presents different levels  from one match to another and we see that they have a very good coach who is good at guiding and we must beware of the quick attack of Al Wakra club and we know that they have a striking attacking line and it is a difficult match as they are a strong opponent and will play on their stadium and we respect  Al Wakrah team and we will do our best to win “ .

The coach said: “ Focus is important in all matches, regardless of the opponent we face, and we must focus on our work, and if we lose focus, we may lose the result of the match , and our duty is to work to achieve victory in every match and one of the most important factors to win is focus inside the stadium , and there shall be mental and physical compatibility during the course of the match “

Coach continued by : “  We will focus on the next match in front of Al Wakrah, and my task is to recover the players and comfort them before entering the Al Wakrah match, but we will play with striking force and I will not replace any player if everyone is ready “ 

Castro said: “The players know that they have great potential and they have to develop from one match to another, and we forget the previous victories and if won in many matches and lost in two matches the coach may away from the team , and we have to rely on the upcoming matches and positive results in it and not the previous results , and I always talk to them that they have the abilities to continue achieve positive results “ .

Castro concluded by : “  Al Duhail has a lot and can go far in any championship and mental work is a very difficult job and I respect the opinions of the administration and working with the players and I think that we have a special plan that can go far away with the team “ .